The PRI Collaboration Platform

The Collaboration Platform is a unique forum that allows investors to pool resources, share information and enhance their influence on ESG issues. It is also a hub for academics, NGOs and investors to connect and engage with research. Posts include invitations to sign joint letters to companies and join investor-company engagements, proposals for research, calls to foster dialogue with policy makers and requests for support on upcoming resolutions and votes.

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The platform hosts the Resolution Database. This is a publicly accessible database of ESG-related resolutions and votes that can be used to find upcoming AGM votes and see past vote results. PRI signatories additionally have the ability to publicly pre-declare their voting intentions for each resolution and to export this information.

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Most recent collaborations

Sustainable Aquaculture Engagement
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Sustainable Aquaculture Engagement

FAIRR invites PRI signatories to join Phase 3 of its collaborative engagement with seven of the world's largest salmon producers to address biodiversity and climate risks in aquafeed. The engagement aims to encourage salmon producers to move away…

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