Support for meaningful and safe stakeholder engagement as a central aspect of the EU framework on mandatory human rights and environmental due diligence

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This investor and company statement calls on EU policymakers to include robust stakeholder engagement provisions in any EU proposal mandating due diligence. Meaningful and safe stakeholder engagement, including with human rights defenders, is key to context-sensitive due diligence that delivers tangible delivers improvements for rightsholders.

Business case

The protection of civic freedoms and respect for the rule of law are vitally important for both civil society and business. Free, open societies enable well-functioning markets, stable financial systems, and good governance. In contrast, efforts to limit civil society and civic freedoms undermine open societies, foster corruption, limit competition, critical thought and innovation. By recognizing the value of early and constructive engagement with stakeholders, businesses including investors can also avoid significant problems and costs down the line. When defenders are under attack, so are sustainable business practices.

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