Pharma, Covid-19 and executive remuneration

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Investor call on vaccine producers to integrate the WHO goals into the executive remuneration strategy in a meaningful, material, measurable and transparent way. Investors are invited to sign on using the following link:

Business case

As investors, we recognise and attach considerable importance to the need for an effective, fair and equitable global response to COVID-19. We see that this call is recognised by a wide group of investors as shown by earlier investor letters[1] [2].

Currently a large part of the world population still does not have sufficient and equitable access to vaccines. There is concern that this scenario might repeat itself once more treatments become available. A pandemic which remains out of control in many parts of the world is and should be at the top of our agenda as global investors, and for governments and the companies in which we invest.

We deem the integration of the WHO goals into executive remuneration policies as a salient financial and material step. The manner and timing in which this is done provides important information that enables shareholders to make informed voting decisions on topics regarding executive remuneration and board appointments.



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