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Investors are invited to collaborate with the Responsible Minerals Initiative (RMI) in shaping a sustainable, ethical future for global supply chains. The RMI Investor Network is a pivotal step in promoting responsible mining and mineral sourcing worldwide. Note, there is a fee to join the Network. 

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What is the RMI?

The RMI is the largest industry association in the minerals space working to address responsible mineral sourcing issues in industry supply chains. The RMI provides companies with a full ecosystem that includes due diligence tools and assurance and helps companies make responsible sourcing decisions to improve regulatory compliance and source all minerals responsibly including from conflict-affected and high-risk areas (CAHRAs).

Why are investors interested in the RMI?

Investors play a crucial role in promoting responsible sourcing, but they need industry support. By joining forces with RMI members, investors can better understand industry efforts to implement due diligence, share their expectations with the industry, and align risk assessment approaches with industry best practices.

What do RMI Investor Network participants have access to?

  • Material Insights: Gain ESG risk insights on more than 40 materials and components, a navigator tool for standards, a Materials Global Risk Map, and Mitigation Initiative mapping.
  • Risk Readiness Assessment (RRA): Evaluate investees’ alignment with 33 ESG criteria over time using a self-assessment tool aligned with RMI ESG standards.
  • Global Risk Map: Identify supply chain risks with four risk bands (low, medium, high, extreme), providing information on CAHRAs and ESG risks at national and subnational levels.
  • Policy Webinars: Participate in company roundtables and policy webinars to stay informed on laws and regulations impacting the minerals sector and electronics industry.
  • Connect with Industry Leaders: Engage with more than 500 RMI members actively involved in mineral sourcing, to identify opportunities for promoting responsible sourcing practices.
  • Define Your Journey: Collaborate with the largest industry association in the minerals sector to craft your strategy for promoting responsible sourcing through an Investor Dedicated Working Group.

How can investors join the network?

For further information, and to apply to join the RMI Investor Network, please follow the link: RMI Investor Network (responsiblemineralsinitiative.org)

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