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Sign-on letter seeking support for the Pakistan Accord 

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CBIS is seeking signatories to the attached letter urging Kontoor, a global apparel company whose brands include Wrangler and Lee, to commit to the Pakistan Accord which aims to improve safety in the Pakistani textile and garment industry. While over 100 global brands and retailers have committed to the Pakistan Accord to date – others with significant supplier relationships in Pakistan, including Kontoor, have been reluctant to do so. Kontoor acknowledges the importance of the Pakistan Accord but claims that it is unnecessary for them to sign, as the company has implemented its own safety program. The attached letter explains why Kontoor’s safety initiative is not a substitute for the more comprehensive Accord and implores the company to reconsider. If you hold Kontoor please consider expressing your support by signing on to the attached letter by May 24, 2024.

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